img222232It was observed and identified that the major causes of many of the diseases are the con-dition of lavatories and the bad habit of disposing of excreta anywhere and everywhere. The improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, increased use of latrines and reduced rates of open defecation are very important to come out of poverty. The focus was given to the behavioral change necessary to see sustainable change and practice. This change was clearly evident and was motivating communities to improve health and hygiene knowledge.
     The program staff facilitated the members to tap the free toilet scheme provided by the Govemment. The collaborative and accelerated efforts have enabled the members to construct toilets rapidly through Government scheme, intemal loan and micro credit support. The families especially women folk and girls felt very comfort and convenient to meet their unavoidable natural calls. Now they are able to use the latrines at any time of day and not have to wait until it is dark. Soak pits were initially introduced to homes which has blocked the domestic water from flowing into the streets and also reduced the stagnant water that was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The promotion of hand washing with soap was insisted. Also access to an improved water supply and water quality was ensured.

     Sensitization was given to 811 members on Water and Sanitation. The members understood waste water management, drinking clean boiled water and usage of toilets. Disposal of waste water into the streets are reduced.

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