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The Salvation Army was started in India by Commissioner Booth Tucker in 1882, in the city of Bombay (Mumbai). The Salvation Army’s operation commenced in South India on 27th May, 1892. The Salvation Army is registered as a Guarantee Company under the Indian Companies Act 1913. Presently there are six Territorial Headquarters in India for the sake of administrative purposes. They are situated in Delhi, Mumbai, Mizoram, Trivandrum, Chennai and Tirunelveli. India South Eastern Territory covers Tamilnadu(excluding Chennai city) and Pondicherry. Col.Gabriel I Christian and Col. Indumati Christian are the Territorial Leaders and Lt.Col.Davidson Varghese is the Chief Secretary and Lt.Col. Mariamma Davidson is the TSWM. Under their dynamic leadership, the evangelical, social, medical and educational ministries are being carried out.

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