• Reduced poverty level of 300 Below Poverty Line (BPL) families by empowering and sustaining Self Help Groups and Cluster Level Federations with Strengthened Governance By 2015.
  • Increased access to regular and diversified source of income to 500 Below Poverty line (BPL) and Marginalized families by imparting technical skills, Micro Credit support and linkages with Government and Nationalized banks by 2015.
  • Decreased prevalence of Life Style Related Diseases and Alcoholism among targeted Below Poverty line (BPL) and Marginalized families through improved health seeking behaviour, Hygienic Practices and referral system by 2015.
  • Reduced water borne diseases and access to sanitation facilities among targeted Below Poverty line (BPL) and Marginalized families by 2015.
  • Improved education and healthy life style practices among 500 Adolescents from Below Poverty line (BPL) and Marginalized families by 2015.
  • Increased understanding and adaptation by Marginalized Families to climate change through sensitization, energy Conservation and tree plantation by 2015.
  • Increased utilization of Government schemes by Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Marginalized families through linkages and networking within Non Governmental Organizations and Government departments by 2015.
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