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                                 The Inspiration for Community Health services comes from Colonel. Dr.Harry John Andrews, Founder of Salvation Army Medical Services in 1895. The Salvation Army Community Health and Development Program (CHDP) is an independent, autonomous and full-fledged institution of India South Eastern Territory. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified institution and with involvement it deals with Community Health, Development, Research, Capacity building and Spiritual care. It has its administrative office at The Salvation Army Catherine Booth Hospital Campus, Nagercoil and it has been rendering services nearly in 350 villages in Kanayakumari and Tirunelveli Districts. The major programs implemented are Integrated Community Empowerment Program and Integrated Health Initiative focusing on health and development needs of the targeted communities.

The inhabitants in the target areas are mostly from Dalits community. They are previously known as ‘Untouchables’, now they have adopting the term ‘Dalit’ as a name for themselves. Dalit refers the scheduled caste people and it does not denote any class; Most of the target area dwellers are farmers and daily laborer, working as agricultural labors and coolies. These target dwellers due to their conversion into Christianity, the government has denied their reservation benefits and privileges in the government.


1. To intervene on the issues affecting the lives and well-being of the children, adolescents and women in the Territory irrespective of caste, creed and ethnicity.

2. To support livelihood options of the landless coolies, marginal and small farmers.

3. To facilitate climate change adaption including disaster risk reduction in the local community.

4. To organize research, trainings, documentation and to bring out publications for wider sharing and development.

5. To facilitate networking, lobbying and advocacy activities.

6. To promote micro-enterprise development initiatives that lead SACHDP towards sustainability and self-sufficiency.

7. To undertake all such works that may help the fulfillment of the vision of the Salvation Army – Community Health and Development Programmes.


   • Unconditional love
   • Work with Hope
   • Transparency
   • Equality
   • Dedication
   • Compassion

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