img13“It is not only receiving but also giving”. The Self Help Group members were facilitated to support people who are in need. They were well aware of the way the Salvation Army has been rendering services for the poor and needy. The members under- stood and decided to contribute Re. l/- per month to support the People Living with AIDS. As a result of that every month they collect Re.l/- per member and remit the total amount to the Cluster Level Federations and later deposited in the CLF hank account. Later as per the decision of the Cluster Level Federation leaders the amount is utilized for supporting the People Living with AIDS. So far 5 houses had been constructed and Christmas dresses were distributed to children. By seeing the outcome, some group members increased their sharing to Rs. 2/- every month.
    Swasam is a Tamil word which means “breath. Normally poor people may not save or keep money for the fimeral expenses. So if there is an unexpected death in a family of the Self Help Group member there was a big struggle to meet the fimeral expenses. Insurance companies have varieties of schemes but the amount will be sanctioned afier a long period of process. By keeping these problems in mind the members designed the “SWASAM” Scheme. Each Self Help Group member has to remit Rs. 100/ as an enrollment fee and Rs. 501- for yearly renewal. If a member of a Self Help Group dies unexpectedly the family is eligible to avail Rs. 5000/- and if the husband of the member dies the family will be given Rs.2500/- towards meeting the funeral expenses. The amount is disbursed on the day itself to the family. More than 4000 members have enrolled their names and doing their renewal. The members have the confidence that if there is an unexpected death in their families the Salvation Army is thereto help.Untitled-4

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